BanyuwangiPlengkung Beach

A couple, Jeremy and Mine were planning to proceed to Plengkung Beach, East Java. In a week, the few who’s from Queensland, Australia was looking for a sensational Plengkung after went to Ijen Crater and Baluran National Park. International tourists are intrigued by it. How about you? Don’t succumb to individuals that you’re a surfer if you never try to surf within this beach faced with the Indian Ocean. Plengkung Beach isn’t only beautiful. The beach that’s also called as G Land is international surfers favorite beach. The 4-5 meters waves come one by one create the browsing become more intense.


Forest can encompass this beach, make it known as Tranquil Paradise’. It’s complete, why Jeremy Mine never gets bored to visit this place. They went to G -Land four years back. They curious and at the middle of March is the perfect time to play with the waves there. South Sea’s eaves will be higher from March to October, and the summit is during a full moon at the middle of the month. We wish to feel the sensation of the famed rolling waves in G Land. The waves are so high, and it might be longer than half a kilometer, stated Mine.

Jeremy also likes the sensation of doing adventure in the forest and looking at the animals. Four years back, he’d no opportunity to see the buffalos at Sadengan Beach, Alas Purwo. This time, he wished to attempt to see ago by replicating the same regular last time when he visited. Specific Interest. It’s a long time narrative that Plengkung Beach is becoming a favorite destination for travelers with the particular interest. When seeing the beach from satellite, its curves make it appears that reversed G. That sort of place makes the long waves and repetitive. The foundation of the G Land is sloped.

The trench is also on the western side of the beach. This makes the browsing itself much more comfortable here, but you still have to be careful. It’s because there are a few reefs under water that could hurt you. Every calendar year, not less than 400-600 international visitors to surf within this white sands beach. In this area, they can stay for more than a week, moreover, months at the forest resorts.