What To Do in Lombok Island

Lombok is an island that attracts the adventurous. The trekking and diving opportunities are definitely not to be overlooked. Exploration is at the heart of the island adventure, and as it’s covered with virgin forest and fertile plains, the landscape is one of epic and untouched beauty. Fringed by the deep azure waters of the Indonesian Sea, sailors come from around the world to enjoy the broad marine life that inhabits the ocean. Another major pull of Lombok is the surf. Like Bali, it attracts a massive number of surf enthusiasts keen to catch some waves and kick back into a relaxed setting.

Golf is also a popular pastime because Lombok is blessed with wrought greens and soothing sea breezes, Lombok is the best environment for a couple rounds. What To Do in Lombok Island Tour Overnight Trawangan Island Excursion Cycling in Lombok Island Even though Lombok has a mostly mountainous terrain, there are a number of areas which are flat and ideal for cycling. Various bike trails lace the island, providing visitors with the perfect excuse to take off and detect their environment. Explore the cascading waterfalls and towering mountains, biking is frequently described as the best method to reveal the beauty and the hidden pleasures of the island.

The beauty of biking is that you do not always must seek professional help, bicycles can be rented from many places around the staircase. Once acquired you’re free to go and explore at your very own pace – an excellent way to get to know this kind of intriguing landscape and culture. Popular places to visit include Sumba, a conventional Lombak village that highlights the appealing simplicity of rural dwelling. The epic rainforest along with the array of wildlife that it plays home to, is pretty awe inspiring for most. Different temples, waterfalls and remote villages are waiting to be discovered here, and carrying off on a bicycle is possibly the best means to do it.

Golf Courses on Lombok Island Golf tours and games are easily organized on Lombok. Despite its size, the island is amazingly well equipped to meet the requirements of golf enthusiasts. Most classes are set in the hilly terrains, amidst the forests, they’re even worth visiting only for their visual allure. Frequently blessed with a soothing sea breeze, golfing on Lombok is unforgettable adventure. Follow a game with a dip in the pool before venturing to the spa for some sensual remedies. Obviously a fantastic spa is the best chance to counteract all this activity and come back to a calm relaxation time.

Rinjani Golf Country Club This 18 hole course is located 500 meters above sea level and has a spa, spa villas, club and pool. Designed by Jack Nicklaus, it’s 35km out of Senggigi Beach. Address: Jl. Sriwijaya No. 396, Mataram Contact: 640-137 / 640-138 Lombok Golf Kasaido Designed by Peter Thompson, Michael Wolveridge & Perrett, the 18 hole championship course is situated adjacent to the sea along with a cooling breeze sweeps the green.